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Historical-Club-Photo-9-1_OThe Fitness Center: 5:00am-8:00pm
The Kenmure Sports Center offers diverse opportunities for fitness enthusiasts through a range of programs and activities. Equipped with cutting-edge fitness gear, the exercise center provides personalized training with certified trainers in yoga, tennis, physical training and more. In addition to yoga, and Pilates, the facility houses a indoor saline pool, hosting a myriad of water fitness courses, such as water aerobics, artistic swimming, and reserved times for serious lap swimming, while still having availability for free swim. Kenmure's outdoor heated pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day each year. Complemented by popular Pickleball and Bocce courts, our comprehensive fitness complex is adored by members for its varied offerings. 

For more information on classes currently available or to schedule a tour reach out to Membership today!!! 
Discover the captivating world of pickleball, a fusion of ping-pong, badminton, and tennis at Kenmure! With four designated pickleball courts, our community has been embracing this raising sport. Members can take lessons with our Tennis Pro Shirish Deshpande, a certified pickleball instructor, or can join the welcoming membership pickleball community, who maintain a regular schedule of activities including, recreational play, Game-On, and more. All level of players are welcomed and there are many helping hands willing to teach newcomers to the game. More competitive? There are also days saved for those individuals with more experience and grit in their game. The courts are also open for individual play through-out the week. Kenmure's pickleball community is growing more and more each season. Come join the fun!!!  
No need for specialized gear or attire - just don your comfy sneakers and suitable court clothing, and you're set to experience the joy of pickleball! 

It's not just a sport, but a contagious blend of fun, laughter, and healthy competition that might just be your newfound passion! 


Kenmure offers an exceptional tennis experience with 4 Har-Tru clay courts and additionally 2 hard courts. The Har-Tru clay courts provide players with a unique surface known for its forgiving nature on joints and ability to facilitate longer rallies, ideal for refining technique and fostering a strategic playstyle. On the other hand, the hard courts offer a faster-pace game, catering to those who prefer a more dynamic and aggressive style of play. Whether you're seasoned player or just starting, Kenmure's variety of courts ensures an enjoyable and versatile tennis experience for all. 
Tennis Pro Shirish Deshpande, has over 25 years of experience, coached Ankita Raina at the US Open in 2023.  This accomplished coach is available to the Kenmure membership for instruction to improve their tennis skills and more.